The Rise of Angle Grinder Man

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Finally, Here.

You're about to read my outcome for the first illustration project of the year.
The project was called Hidden Histories.
It had to be about something real. So I went with Angle Grinder Man.

This is the story of how it all began:


What do you think.
It's a little sad to think, that of all the time I've been at CSM, this is the 1st comic I have ever finished. To think one day I want to call myself a graphic novelist!
I've definitely got to do more, and soon - good thing I have a plan to force myself to,
which I'll reveal another day.

You know, where there's a rise, there tends to be a fall.
So if I were you I'd be asking, "Where's the fall of AGM?"

Good question.

I wrote a script to it, but only had to time to do one of the proposed 2 comics for the final piece.
Which was more than enough of an outcome.

But I'd love to put the script into images, as I personally prefer it to the rise. What you've read is basically a summary of how AGM came to be. The fall deals with AGM in a much more personal light, reflecting on his last ever real blog post, and his disappearance after that.

I intend to do it at some point, but then again, I intend to do a lot of things.

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