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Saturday, 4 December 2010

You know, I never mentioned, while I had my Hidden Histories project,
I had an additional film project to get on with:

I present to you Innova Libre, featuring my wonderful comrades
Lillian Squires & Agostino Carrea.

It's a short film I created for a brief called 'My Eye, My Vision'. It deals with my vision of where character ideas stem from, and how they choose to manifest in your mind:

Did the boy look familiar at all?
& don't worry, it's not meant to be serious.

Despite choosing to specialise in illustration,
I do still very much love moving image.
Experimenting with some simple yet effective shots throughout the filming process
reminded me of this


My tutors said it was a very ambitious projects, as I was directing, filming and getting actors together. I got a feeling one of them wasn't too much a fan of some snippets of acting, but they were impressed on a whole... I think.

According to my friends & peers, I've come up with something cool.
But personally, I feel I missed the mark with this one, with a bunch of tweaks, and a few re-shoots, this could have been something great.

Hey, it's my first live-action film. I think I've done ok.

Oh, see what I had to put up with filming this!:

Just a thought, is it worrying that the outtakes are longer than the actual film?...


EDIT - The answer to that was yes, so years later for the sake of all our eyes and ears I took the videos down! No need to thank me!

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