Digital Childhood

Saturday, 28 August 2010

I finally got round to buying a tablet.
So I decided to celebrate by doing some pencil drawings in my sketchbook,
makes complete sense doesn't it?

After attempting to draw using my new Wacom, I kinda had to do some non digital drawing just to make sure I still knew how to draw. Yes, my days as a recent tablet unvirgin* haven't gone as well as I blindly assumed! I feel like I'm learning to draw for the first time.

Ah, I'll get the hang of it at some point! Early days.
At least it got me drawing some old(ish) characters again.

*Yes it is a word! In the urban dictionary anyway...

Autumn's Trigger

Thursday, 19 August 2010

It has arrived.

Autumn that is.

Both the illustrations above have been brought on by both a need to keep my hands innocently busy, and inspiration by the song & its accompanying video below.

This song is so unbelievably awesome,
so brilliant yet so short - its sudden ending can shatter your heart to pieces.

I've been listening to this every day for the last week,
it's been playing on repeat in my mind,
& it really isn't a bad thing:

Thank you, Gold Panda.

True Advocation

Monday, 9 August 2010

Last Friday I finished a 3 week internship at
Advocate Art illustration agency in Wimbledon.

Aww, I could never replace their lil' mascot.

It was pretty cool, not only did I work with Advocate Art, but I did some work for their other, darker side, Vendetta Arts - doing things like creating, developing, and where I could designing various blogs for them.

On top of that I got a pretty good view of what it would be like working with/in an illustration agency in the future, which for the moment I hope one day to do. Working with a group of wonderful people was obviously an added bonus.

On a finishing note, whilst I was interning at Advocate/Vendetta, I stumbled upon these awesome artists & collectives, I suggest you check them out:

Lukasz Pazera
Alberto Mielgo
Jorge Monlongo

Once again I am being bombarded my many ideas at once.
Oh how I wave my fist at inspiration and it's sporadic movement.