Comics Zone Cycle Slugger

Monday, 29 July 2013

Upon my return I mentioned that I've been working on a comic strip.
The comic's for London's Camden Council, promoting cycling.
Here's the crux of it:

This is Sam

Sam loves Lucy, a beautiful (inside and out, guys) cycling fanatic,
and he thinks one way of getting closer to the key to her heart is to take up cycling himself.
If only getting on someone's radar was that easy, amirite folks?... folks?
Let cycling based hilarity, questionable dreams & comic misfortune ensue.
With, you know, a dash of romance of course.
No telling if it's the tragic kind or not yet.

There are just over 20 episodes up right now, with much much more to come.
A new episode every Sunday!

Give 'em a little like too to keep up to date.

Ellie Goulding X Monsieur Adi

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Yes this is Ellie Goulding, and that is not Monsieur Adi:

One day in 2010 I stumbled across this music video for Monsieur Adi's Remix of 
Ellie Goulding's Starry Eyed:

That drawing makes a little more sense now doesn't it.

This video has had a tendency to creep in and out of my head at will for the last few years.
I'm not sure what it is.  Maybe it's the good balance of creepy and whimsical. Maybe it's that the Starman could become any of our doppelgängers by the tiniest stretch of immagination. 
Or maybe it's a well edited simple video with a premise.

It could just be me though. I guess I just really like this video.
Unfortunately it feels a little underrated.

The film was made by a short film collective called Hand Krafted Films, which seems to have gone a bit quiet (on the internet anyways) this year, if anyone knows what they're up to now let me know.

Also, for fun, some more Ellie Goulding and Monsieur Adi, 
with some added Daft Punk for good measure:

Lucy Rose: Watch Over/Middle of the Bed

Saturday, 18 May 2013

This is Lucy Rose:

After one of her London gigs near the end of last year, 
I told her I to her face was going to draw her.
I mean, I explained I was an illustrator first, but it just occurred to me how odd that still would have come across.

Then I went home and did the illustration. Then held onto it for half a year, because I don't know.

Her debut album 'Like I Used To' was one of the best things I'd heard all of last year.
If you were to get hold of it you wouldn't regret it.

Don't trust me? Just listen.

No Words Kid

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Well, this has been sat on my computer for a while, I'm talking over a year here.

One day I was waiting to get my visa at the Nigerian High Commission.
As I was sitting alone observing everyone, I saw two families, 
one with a girl and her brother, the other with a boy.

The girl was just sitting about super cool, cooler than Willow Smith in her Hair whippin' days, watching her little brother who had just proudly discovered the joys of walking.
The boy from the other family... every few minutes he'd walk up to the girl, she'd smile, he'd freeze, not say a word then walk away. Every single time.

It was a little painful to watch, at the same time extremely endearing.
I remember thinking, 'just say something dude!'
Then I thought about how mentally I've been in that kid's shoes multiple times in recent years.

So yeah, I drew the situation, not sure where I was going with that story. 
I guess slice of life and all that.

Lone Graduate

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Hey kids!

I graduated almost a year ago, and boy have I been busy.
I've been lucky enough to do some stuff with WPP, 
Foyles and I'm currently working on a comic strip, which I'll get into later.

Man, the origin of this image is a little lame to be honest. I though of it a little after graduation day. After the ceremony I managed to lose almost all of my friends.
Its silly, but one of the things I was looking forward to was taking the super duper clichéd 'throw your hats in the air' picture with all the friends I'd spent the last 3-4 years with. But i couldn't find them, because I misplaced my phone, and they took one without me.
You know, not the end of the world.

I though about ways of managing to recreate a moment I narrowly missed, 
and ended up drawing this.
So I in a way I did get the photo I wanted,
with all the characters I've created,
who have helped me get to where I am today!

See I told you it was a little sad.

Once you're done laughing have a listen to this!