Font BeTa

Thursday, 17 June 2010

My first real font is almost ready.
I did say I'd do this at some point.

I named it Becoming Taskless after this blog, as the typeface is based on an illustrative style that I began to develop just a little before I started this blog.
Part of it was even in my old header:

You can see every single letter of the fully working font just below:

I still have a few more things to tweak before I put this font up for download, I've got many a punctuation symbol to illustrate before I'm completely happy
- perfectionism can be a curse at times.

I'd like to thank Kate who has helped me out and modeled for me here and several times before.

In my last portfolio review of the year, upon seeing this book, my tutor asked me what does the term 'Becoming Taskless' actually mean.
Which lead me to think, I haven't mentioned it here at all.

You've probably worked this out by now, but for me becoming taskless is the ultimate dream, once you've become taskless, you are completely happy, as you've finished all the tasks you've ever needed/wanted to do. You're at the point where you could actually say, ‘I can die now’ and mean it.

This blog is an account of me becoming taskless.


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  2. I reckon my name would look good in your BecTas type Dave!!