Computerboy Sleeps

Monday, 30 November 2009

So, it's 4am, and now seems to be the only time since last week I've been awake, free, and it's not too noisy from the rain to record that video I was talking about. Finally did it, so enjoy!

Now, a few points to clear things up:
  • I lied, I didn't do it in a week, it was more like 2 days...
  • I hate my voice too.
  • It's drool, not jizz.

So yeah, just to summarise:

No noise: Computerboy Sleeps.

A little noise: Computerboy flinches.

Too much noise: Computerboy pissed off.

Now I know you got it the first time, I just really wanted to put these drawings up.


Wednesday, 18 November 2009

[1985. A secret tree house. Two children disguised in animal costumes experiment on reviving a bee. But they are searching for a way to bring back something much bigger.
A magical and moving story about a journey of discovery and revelation.]

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across this award winning short film at short&sweet, it's one truly beautiful piece of film, and if you don't well up, just a tiny bit, at least a little on the inside, I might be inclined to declare you're lacking a soul.

Compose This.

Monday, 16 November 2009

I began my 1st academic project at csm a whole month ago, it feels so far away already. I'll take that as a good thing I suppose.

This project was my group's beginning of the 1st term rotation, where each week we'd do a project based on a different field of design, we started off with interactive design.

We had to create a screensaver depicting a computer's soul using a pretty basic program riddled with hidden complexities called Quartz Composer (the penny drops, the terrible pun now makes sense, and I quite rightfully bow my head in shame).

Here are a few pages from my sketchbook that lead up to the final piece...

Can you figure out what I did in the end? Yes it's kinda obvious, I'd put it up now, but the only way I can show it properly here is by recording a video! Hopefully I can post it in the next couple of days. All I can say about it is, it's pretty fun, you might like it.

Well of course I bloody well hope so.

Err 4

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Ever since I worked on that music video I've been in a love affair with televisual heads, it's just one of the things I've been drawing a little too unhealthily.

I started drawing this for an E4 competition, but never managed to finish it in time! (mainly because I started to draw it on the deadline date...)

So it turned into an illustration to do for myself, something that I feel with the course now coming into full flow I may not get to do much more in the future. Of course I don't hope that, so we'll see.

Just finished this today, to my surprise if feels DeviantArt worthy.
How did I forget that place, how did I forget that I'm the cliffybiroguy....

Breakfast: Add Scissors & Glue

Monday, 9 November 2009

Oh dear I can't believe I almost forgot!

What's that? "Where can I get those templates? Those guys look like they were having so much fun! I wanna make my own paper breakfast!" I choose to hear you cry...

Well don't worry, you can download them here!

Have fun, do with them what you will! And if you feel like it, show me the result!

Download Templates

Hopefully I'll be doing more papercraft to download in the future!

Breakfast: Don't Add Milk

Sunday, 8 November 2009

So yeah, as I mentioned before, I started my course at csm a few weeks ago, well about a month ago now, it's been rather busy, I've had barely any time to put work up! But to make up for it, this post is pretty image heavy, and I gotta admit, a little different.

This was my first project, the summer project, it had a simple theme, breakfast.

That's right, a paper breakfast.

We had to represent breakfast through five pictures. I had an instinct to make paper templates of typical breakfast things, as I didn't feel like going for the real thing... and to be honest all holiday I'd been itching to try out some papercraft!

So I decided to document some beautiful people making breakfast in an entirely different way... Here are the 5 photographs I went with for the exhibition. In these pictures we travel from the original templates to the final breakfast items. Smiles all round.

Unfortunately there were some pictures that didn't make the cut.


And of course, there were some outtakes...

Hell yeah she's gonna kill me...

It's quite easy to see we had fun...

The tutors liked it, but informed me I'd done a graphic design answer to a photo brief... whoops! Still quite pleased as I wouldn't describe myself as that fictional word "graphic-y" at all.
Maybe I can do something besides illustrate and animate after all!

Ah well, it was just a bit of fun! God I love papercraft!

Nom Nom Nom!