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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Well, this has been sat on my computer for a while, I'm talking over a year here.

One day I was waiting to get my visa at the Nigerian High Commission.
As I was sitting alone observing everyone, I saw two families, 
one with a girl and her brother, the other with a boy.

The girl was just sitting about super cool, cooler than Willow Smith in her Hair whippin' days, watching her little brother who had just proudly discovered the joys of walking.
The boy from the other family... every few minutes he'd walk up to the girl, she'd smile, he'd freeze, not say a word then walk away. Every single time.

It was a little painful to watch, at the same time extremely endearing.
I remember thinking, 'just say something dude!'
Then I thought about how mentally I've been in that kid's shoes multiple times in recent years.

So yeah, I drew the situation, not sure where I was going with that story. 
I guess slice of life and all that.

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