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Monday, 29 July 2013

Upon my return I mentioned that I've been working on a comic strip.
The comic's for London's Camden Council, promoting cycling.
Here's the crux of it:

This is Sam

Sam loves Lucy, a beautiful (inside and out, guys) cycling fanatic,
and he thinks one way of getting closer to the key to her heart is to take up cycling himself.
If only getting on someone's radar was that easy, amirite folks?... folks?
Let cycling based hilarity, questionable dreams & comic misfortune ensue.
With, you know, a dash of romance of course.
No telling if it's the tragic kind or not yet.

There are just over 20 episodes up right now, with much much more to come.
A new episode every Sunday!

Give 'em a little like too to keep up to date.

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