Metronomy. The Look. The Bay.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Back in April I had the pleasure of seeing Metronomy perform at Rough Trade. At the same time I manage to finally get hold of their long awaited 3rd album, The English Riviera. Afterwards with their song 'The Look' stuck in my head I sat down for a while and did this:

I've become aware that all I draw in my personal sketchbook these days are musicians,
but I'm OK with that.

After their performance in a typical fluster to get my album signed I nervously met the band and ended up having the tiniest of conversations with them, which ended up with me receiving these buttons:

I think all I managed to blurt out afterwards was, 'these are awesome!' And then I huddled off. I'm currently annoyed with myself about this encounter, as I completely forgot to ask them who did the illustrations on the buttons, as they're great! If anyone reading this happens to know could you please tell me!

I've always admired the music videos Metronomy come out with, they almost always find the perfect balance between distinct style and narrative, and when they don't, they always excel in one or the other. To keep it short you'll want to see all of their music videos.

Just watch these and you'll see what I mean:

Their last single:

Their latest single:

And I think I'll end with what is my favourite Metronomy video, and probably my favourite music video ever so far. There's no question about it, you will enjoy this:

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