Our Lethaby

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Ok so...

Yes, this is what that was all about.

This animation is a response to the "My Lethaby" project we had recently, in which we had to create a form of moving image that celebrates the Central Saint Martins Lethaby Building located on Southampton Row. We are leaving the building for King's Cross next year you see.

The aim was to display the building as even more beautiful visions, so that the world outside of Central Saint Martins would appreciate the beauty too, a beauty that it has taken many time to fall in love with. It also displays the students' nostalgic thoughts as they mentally prepare themselves for the KX move.

We were working in pairs this time round, indeed this is a collaborative effort with Kenny Yu. I must admit this animation isn't what I'd usually come up with, and it may be the first piece of moving image I've ever done that isn't narrative based,
about time eh.

Now to end with a few still moments:

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