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Monday, 9 August 2010

Last Friday I finished a 3 week internship at
Advocate Art illustration agency in Wimbledon.

Aww, I could never replace their lil' mascot.

It was pretty cool, not only did I work with Advocate Art, but I did some work for their other, darker side, Vendetta Arts - doing things like creating, developing, and where I could designing various blogs for them.

On top of that I got a pretty good view of what it would be like working with/in an illustration agency in the future, which for the moment I hope one day to do. Working with a group of wonderful people was obviously an added bonus.

On a finishing note, whilst I was interning at Advocate/Vendetta, I stumbled upon these awesome artists & collectives, I suggest you check them out:

Lukasz Pazera
Alberto Mielgo
Jorge Monlongo

Once again I am being bombarded my many ideas at once.
Oh how I wave my fist at inspiration and it's sporadic movement.

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