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Saturday, 12 December 2009

I know nothing about wrestling, I just love those masks.

I'm not completely sure what it is about masks that I love so much, but I do have a little idea. I don't think it's the fact that they seal your identity, I think it's their ability to let you assume a completely different persona. They're dressing your face up without the makeup.

Whatever it is i'm constantly drawn to them.

Out of all the different types of masks I've come across, Mexican wrestling masks seem to intrigue me the most. I like the way they're used to symbolise images of gods heroes and animals, along with how beautifully and intricately designed they appear to be these days.

Also they're killer in costumes.

All in all I just find designing masks, any kind of masks really fun, when I look back at my work it's sometimes a little ridiculous how many times I shove masks in there haha!

Now a little fun, I found this site that generates Mexican wrestling names for you!

Mine is "Caballero Magico", which translates to "Magic Knight," oh if only I were!

What's yours?

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