Vinyl Magnitude

Monday, 14 June 2010

I'm rarely one to backtrack, even though I said I would in my first ever post. Yeah sure I may show something that I did a couple of months ago, but at times there tends to be that point of no return. But this time I've dug deep - with no more work to do as the year is basically over, why not?

Now this is pretty damn old:

For a typography project during the first term, we had to create something that communicated the essential personality of an almost randomly selected typeface.

I ended up with Amplitude; a rather young font (about 6-7 years old as I recall), created by Christian Schwartz that currently has 35 different styles.

Upon further research I found that the typeface predicts the spread of ink on paper using Ink traps.

So I created a 'Vinyl Toy Prototype' for a toy collection based on the font's ink trapping capabilities. Part of my reason for designing a toy collection was to point out how young the font really is, and to highlight just how many different versions of the font there are! Surely if I had more than 3 days to do this I would have definitely attempted to create a fully painted, fully packaged whole series! Madness indeed.

They trap ink in their deep clefts.

How cute.

I must make more toys, solely to look at them.

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