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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Hey there, I present to you my last project of the academic year.

It was a rare occasion, as I went for a design brief.
We had to design a collection of books based on inspirational people of our choice.

I chose to design a series of book covers on the fictional spearheads of various bands:

Lumi from Genki Rockets,

The Duke from Marmaduke Duke,

& Murdoc from Gorillaz.

Why the masks? I played with the idea of people being so inspirational that other people would want to be them. I decided to take photos of "normal" people being their inspirational person. Also unintentionally I feel that the use of masks outline the fact that the characters aren't actually real. There's also a chance that I subconsciously came up with this idea because of my underlying obsession with masks... I'm not complaining though.

The main focus of each cover is the photograph, so I put the book title on an easily removable label. It'd be up to the book's owner to keep it on, I personally would keep it, but that's because I find it hard to let things go.

I know that by posting these next pictures I'm effectively showing you the same images 3 times, but I feel they need to be seen alone, in their striking form; with no distractions:

Man, photography is fun - next year I must be sure to do more of it.

Doing this project has made me appreciate and enjoy aspects of design a lot more than I used to. The idea of having to choose one pathway next year and go with it for the rest of my degree is a little scary, as I keep becoming unsure of my specialties.

As I've said at many times in general conversation I feel like a Jack of all trades,
but master of none.

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