From Above: The Resurrection of Don Giovanni

Friday, 10 February 2012

Once again, an older project.
This time we had to create a piece of narrative based loosely off of Mozart's opera Don Giovanni. My take on the original narrative transformed into a story of betrayal in which an Aquarian angel figures out it has the unique ability to kill people
and fellow immortals in a godless heaven.
Here are 3 images taken from the original 7 piece sequential narrative:

 'From Above IV-VI'
[Gouache on 250gsm Pure White Paper]

These have been done for a while. Remember?

I mean, cut back to half a year ago and you'll find me discussing painting, and how from time to time no matter how much I love the outcome, it can become a serious life-bane.

This is what lead me to that micro-discussion.

Notice how I've only put up 3/7 paintings? Well I think the rest need some substantial tweaking. If you ever see them, they'll hopefully be part of an upcoming publication.

My comrade Kenny, the good man behind YEAIKNOW brought it to my attention that my blog is mostly full of sketchbook work, and I should put more finished work up here. That's why this wild project has suddenly appeared after all this time.

The reason behind this is because believe it or not, I can be very merticulous with things. The more I grow up the more I find myself overanalysing things actually. I do a lot of projects, many that at the point of technically finishing, I don't see as 'finished', so I hold on to these projects, hiding them from the world, because my personal standards, according to others are too goddamn high.

Even though I've written this, aware of this fault of mine, I'm finding it very hard to change;
as I said earlier, this project needs tweaking,
but that's just according to me.

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