The First Rut

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Hello everyone. It's 2012, and I need some help,
a little bit of alternate perspective if you will.

I've been working on a narrative project for a while now, the characters are developed,
the scripts are written, the storyboards are all done, but I seem to be having problems starting.
I can't decide how to render it.
Whenever it comes to making decisions with this project my mind keeps malfunctioning
and bringing me to a halt. This isn't great, as time is hastily running out

So yeah, could you help me, what route should I take?:


...or Traditional

I suggest you click on each image for a closer look.

Please let me know which image you prefer, by commenting below,
Facebook commenting me (if you know me duh), tweeting me or whatever!

Save me internets!

Rather annoyingly, whilst messing about with both these images, I found merging them together to add a some texture to the flatness of the digital image is the perfect compromise. But in order to do that, I'd have to both digitally and traditionally render each image.

Screw that.

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