Fractures from Anxiety

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Recently we had a book design project for typography. It involved creating a cover design for an unpublished book called 'Fractures from Anxiety', a set of short stories by Marcus Bastel.

I illustrated my interpretation of a character simply named Will from one of the stories within the book. Throughout the book there are many middle-ish aged men as leads, so the character choice is quite ambiguous, it could be any of them, which was the point.

I felt like doing something kinda surreal, yet relevant, so I played with the idea of anxiety bringing people to pieces, and how fragile it can make you.

At times anxiety can make you as fragile as porcelain.

A little emotional I know...

It took a while to paint.

Now for a closer look and an extra button:

'Will' [Acrylics & Pencil on Ivory coloured mountboard]

I guess this is another stage of my bid to paint more. I've been inspired to paint a second cover a bit later on, depicting the female lead from the same story.

In my mind it's appearing just a little bit more surreal. Let's hope that's a good thing.

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