Cindy's Secret

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A couple of weeks ago I had a moving image project

We were working in pairs this time, and with a little luck I was paired up with my friend Katy, we spent 2 weeks working feverishly, day in day out on a 20 second animation on the theme of a secret.

We were given 4 words to work with, Extravagant, Bag, Sad & Radio. At the first sight of these words I never suspected we'd come out with anything as odd as this:

The guise of theater...

...followed by flying pigs & steam-punk radios.

I would put more screenshots up, but I fear it'll ruin the animation for people who like to read the full posts first...

Cindy's secret is no more.

Yeah that's right we named her Cindy, it's not like we went a little mad through two sleepless weeks, became attached to the character and thought up a name... honestly... We were just working, I mumbled something and Katy replied with "Did you just call her Cindy?!" And so the name was born.

I'm so glad I shared that story with you.


  1. I don't think I managed to mention in the crit how much I really really loved this! The sound, the textures, the way the little pig nonchalantly flies out of the poor lady after it um, kills her...wonderful! =D

  2. This is really good Dave