Welcome To London, Fancy A Race?

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

It's about time I put this up.

This is the London Project I was going about all those months ago, actually, I'd prefer to call it the London Project Redux. You see this holiday I basically redid the whole project, as what I handed in for the crit was to be honest a complete shambles... I'd say this is now about 90% better.

For this project we were allowed to do basically anything we wanted, as long as it was about the river Thames.

So I decided to create a fanzine about what the boat race would have been if boats had just been invented 7 years ago by a bunch of wayward traceurs. For a start they wouldn't be called boats...

Welcome to the crazy world of W.B.R.V Racing!

Did you read it? Go on, it's a hoot I assure you!
If this was the equivalent to rowing, I may have stuck to it...

The Real Thing:

Zines are cool.
Like everything I make, I'd like to make more of them.

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