Runaway Brain

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Got to stop drawing myself, it's making me look vain.

'Becoming Mickey'
[10.5"x16.5" Inks & Monochrome Pencil on HeavyWeight Paper]

I don't know why but this feels like my first proper illustration in a while.

Oddly enough, dressing up as Mickey Mouse the other day has rekindled a couple of feelings.
For one, my fondness of the lil' fella.

Another thing that has been rekindled is my love for animation. Through researching for the costume I came across a few mickey mouse cartoons, old & new.

They are fantastic. Full of perfect motion, charming narratives & beautiful scenery.

One which really stood out to me was the Academy Award nominated short called Runaway Brain. Seeing as it came out in 1995 I'm surprised today was the first time I saw it.

Watch it here:

It's the little things that got me with this, like the rapid change and contrast in the characters' colour palettes during the fight scene.

This year I have the hard choice of choosing to do illustration or moving image next year. Over the holiday I was starting to edge towards illustration. But after watching shorts like this it's become a level playing field again.

I just love Mickey's freaky altered look

& now I desperately need to get hold of this vinyl toy.

I think I should give the Mickey Mouse theme a bit of a rest.
Well, for now anyway.

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