Saturday, 11 July 2009

The seeds were planted, the band was conceived, the stars are born.

Meet “We Are Finally Cowboys"


Davvy Fantango.

The bastardised arrogant and deluded lead singer stereotype. Donning an eye patch and a Winehouse-esq beehive, he proclaims that his odd skin tone is down to an intentional all over body “zombie-chique” tattoo – but there has been rumours it was down to a bizarre tanning accident. This guy has tattoo of himself on his back, need I say anymore.



Davvy’s brother, the eclectic recluse behind the music. Wears a mask in a bid to have some spotlight yet still remain anonymous. Personally he thinks the mask is pretty cool. When it comes to media attention he appears to be in a constant state of “coming of age”.

Together they are the indie/synth/western/powerpop/megapop phenomenon "We Are Finally Cowboys".

Hopefully you’ll see these guys a lot more in the future.

When the band concept was complete I set about looking at the process of lip-syncing and the effects of phonetics…

…then began to bring the characters to life.

Lipsyncing test using Davvy Fantango and a line from the Marmaduke Duke song Kid Gloves.

Animation test with Terabite.

With their latest single, "For Layers" soon to be released, they needed a music video...

More on this project ridiculously soon.

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