Saturday, 11 July 2009

Decided to start with some of my most recent work, so I introduce my foundation Final Major Project titled “Insert Band Name Here”

The aim of this self induced project was to take on the dream and create a band, well, I’d call it more of a sub-dream, as people usually actually want to be in the band, probably as the lead singer, not manage it…

Let’s just call it taking on the sub-dream…

Along with creating this band, this virtual band I aimed to create an animation to bring the said band to life.

I did research into what makes fictional characters stand out and the appeal of celebrity musicians to develop my band members.

I managed to get quite a few drawings in my sketchbook, unfortunately I couldn’t scan them in as the sketchbook was A3, and I don’t have a scanner that big, so these crass photos will have to do.

I just tried to look at this project from a humorous point of view, and of course keep Gorillaz out of sight and out of mind.

There's more of this project coming soon, and by soon I mean probably later today, and if not today, there’s always tomorrow…

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