So Mr. Ben...

Friday, 6 February 2015

“So Mr. Benn, which costume would you like to try today?”

Mr. Benn you ask? The guy in the suit and bowler hat! Oh ok, I’ll explain…

He was the title character of a British TV show in the early 70’s, but man that show had some staying power, they still showed it when I was a kid. Who know’s it’s probably still airing today!

It was about a normal guy who went on extraordinary adventures. He would always go to the same fancy dress shop, where a fez sporting shopkeeper would invite him to try on a costume. 
He’d then head through a magical door in the changing room, and find himself in a new world dictated by his costume!

I heard a rumour that a movie based on the show is back in the works, but I can’t for the life of me remember where I heard/read that rumour. In retrospect the optimistic part of me probably made it up. But hey if it’s not true, come on, we all know that that film is going to pop up some time soon.

I can see the trailer in my head, there’d be at least two explosions (because films), and would close with a back shot of Mr. Benn, standing in front of a wall of costumes. As he turns round the music stops, and the shopkeeper slowly says the first line of this post.

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