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Thursday, 13 March 2014

On March 1st 2014, Red beat the Elite 4, with a few helping hands:

This is my little tribute to the original Twitch Plays Pokémon Red event.

For those who may have missed this, 'Twitch Plays Pokémon' is a massive online social experiment hosted by the game streaming site Twitch in which tens of thousands of people attempt to play the same game of Pokémon at the same time. This is done in real time by any member of the website inputting commands into the chat section of the stream. 

This obviously results in pure chaos.
The whole process has been oddly mesmerising, and at times hilarious. Red would run around in circles; taking hours to walk through a corridor, many pokémon have been accidentally thrown away, and don't even get me started on the Helix fossil.

I originally posted this tribute on twitter on the day the twitch viewers beat the original endgame.
Since then they've graduated to Pokémon Crystal, and are a good 11 days into it now.
You can check out their progress right here.

I've never wanted to play Pokémon so much as an adult than I do right now.

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